A Happy Mew Year! From Lilybits Under the Christmas Tree

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A Happy Mew Year by Lilybits

Yes, you read that correctly, a happy “mew” year. Should the Chinese have all the fun naming their years after animals? I’m suggesting this should be the year of the cat! Specifically, the year of moi, Miss Lilybits.

Now that my pesky human siblings are gone after their holiday visit, we can get down to some seriously good living. For starters, a Lilybits year should include unlimited snacks, unlimited access to all the soft and sunny spots for sleeping. (This means if you’re in my way or your computer is, I take precedence. Hint, hint, Mom.) I should be fed canned food at least four times a day and have kibble in my bowl all day long.

Also, someone should scoop my cat potty right after I do my kitty business. No more of this lazy once or twice a day scooping. My humans need to get with the program and be on high alert. If they can’t comply with the above demands, then they should hire someone to take care of my needs each time they’re unable to or leave the house.

Mom needs to be available to play hide and seek any time I want. If I hide where it’s hard for her to find me, she should stand there and wait until I come out and run to the next spot.

Okay, Mom just informed me that these things aren’t going to happen and that pretty much every year is the year of the cat. I digress, but she says I have so much to be thankful for. Hmph. If only she gave me dinner on time every day, maybe I wouldn’t complain so much. But here she is prodding me to write what we are thankful for.

1) Mom was in a minor car accident the week before Christmas, when her car went out of control on the ice. She wasn’t hurt, nor was the other lady. And the car could have been in much worse shape. I’m thankful she didn’t get hurt, so she can still feed me at least.


I’m thankful for my new favorite toy, a Christmas present from my friend, Ethan H!

2) Mom is thankful two of my bothersome siblings came home for Christmas. They upset my routine, take up space in my house without permission, and pet me when I want to be left alone. However, they make Mom happy. Did I mention they take her attention away from me? But yes, she does love them too.

3) Mom says we are blessed to have a warm home and plenty of food (which she withholds from me). Well, okay, Mom reminded me that if I ate as much or as often as I liked, I would either throw up too much or get fat. Neither of which, I am told, would be good for me. I’d like a chance to decide that!

4) We are healthy, even though she is getting old. Well, actually in cat years I am close to the same age, so she’s not that old and decrepit yet.

5) Dad is still employed, so he can pay for my food, my rent, treats, and kitty toys. Is there anything else which matters?

I suppose I do have a pretty nice little life all things considered. Mom and I hope you do as well, and wish you a happy and healthy mew year of 2016!

What are you thankful for this year?



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  • Elaine Stock

    What I’m thankful for, Lilybits, is you!! Though your mom and dad love you so much and take excellent care of you, I hope you’re blessed with a very cat-happy year ahead.

    And what am I thankful for? A husband, friends, and family who believe in me. And yes, that means your sweet mom!

    • kerouser@gmail.com

      And I am thankful for your friendship as well, Elaine, and I think Lilybits
      is too. We’re so glad you came by and shared with us!

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