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NA Love Story With a Twist

Always with YouAlways With You by Elaine Stock evokes the angst of youth along with the trials of burgeoning adulthood in an original way. I am impressed with this debut novel, which deals with issues of acceptance, prejudice, and the deceptions of cult living—all wrapped inside a romantic and suspenseful story.

This book brought me right into Isabelle’s life and her struggles. Once Tyler comes to her rescue, like a knight in shining armor, she is smitten. Stock captures young love well, especially when the desire to be loved and accepted overshadows reason, so that Isabelle only sees what she wants. This so echoes what we often see in real life!

Stock makes the reader believe how two young people from completely different dysfunctional backgrounds could be deceived into joining an evil cult like The Faithful. Their overwhelming desire to belong to something that looks secure and believe in something larger than themselves draws them in. The writer conveys such struggles with passion and depth.

It takes some shocking truths to jolt Isabelle and Tyler into reality and see just how much danger their growing family faces. The author handles Isabelle’s journey into motherhood tenderly, along with her desire to protect her baby at any cost. Stock ties together many threads of the story with surprising developments and Always With You delivers a message that with Biblical truth and compassion, there’s always hope.

There is some mild sensuality and realistic violence, which are handled tactfully and give greater depth to the story. Over all, Always With You is a fresh and gutsy page turning read with a thoroughly Christian message. I look forward to reading more from this author.

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