How Expectations Affect Attitudes!

 In Broken Vessels, Windows to Grace

Day 3 – Friday was such a mix for me. My sleep hadn’t gone well the night before and I was crabby that I hadn’t gotten much done. Funny how much our expectations can affect our attitudes. Instead of being grateful I could sleep in, I was frustrated about my lack of being able to wake up well and embrace the day.

Then my hubby came home early to a grumpy wife. Despite that, when dinnertime came along, Jack happily cooked the meal for me. Tender juicy steak, cottage fried potatoes, and strawberries prepared with love and patience. How much this contrasted with my lack of welcoming him home!

Easter 092 copy

That was grace in action. My day had been interrupted as I felt I hadn’t completed–in fact–I’d barely begun all that I wanted to accomplish by the time Jack had walked in the door, weary from a week of work. I was punishing myself as much as I was him for invading my unfinished plans. Instead of cross words he gave me encouragement, instead of expecting the kindness he deserved, he ministered to me.


The fact that Jack’s primary love language is service made it even sweeter. His graciousness was love in action.

Isn’t that like the Lord? We push Him away, wanting our own way, yet He ministers love to us in thousands of ways that we don’t even notice. He is ever worthy of our praise!

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We love each other because he loved us first. (1 John 4:19, NLT)

How has someone showed you God’s love in action recently? What expectations have affected your attitudes?


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