Day Seven of 40 Days of Grace – Common Grace

 In Broken Vessels, Windows to Grace

Day 7 – Sunshine called me outdoors to walk rather than exercise indoors. The clouds glowed like pearls bathed in rays that ebbed and then pushed gently through again. The air smelled fresh like spring, though chilly. I enjoyed the respite from winter, the promise of the next season. I was reminded of common grace—how everyone gets the blessing of sunshine or rain—not just believers.


Whether an atheist or churchgoer God pours out the beauty of his creation and its benefits. Even scripture tells how the rain is poured out on the good and the evil the same. A gentle breeze, the warmth of the sun, the cooling rain, water flowing and quenching our thirst, giving moisture to the earth and the roots of plants which soak them up. We bite into a juicy plum and sweet liquid runs down our chins. Or we crunch into a carrot, both nourished by the sunshine and the moisture.


As the rhythm of the seasons cycle through each year I often take it for granted. It’s something we all get to experience, anticipating the blessings of each one. In winter we look forward to the beauty of the snow and appreciate drinking a warm cup of cocoa under the blankets all the more. The sunny days and flowers of spring make us forget the storms and the rainy days. The heat and vibrant greens and blue skies of summer make us long for beaches and lemonade. While fall sometimes has an air of sadness as the last leaves fall, the brilliant reds, yellows, and oranges, the promise of sipping apple cider, and the fragrance of wood smoke all cheer our hearts as we prepare to enter the holiday season. During each season we can all find blessings. Which one is your favorite?

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