Day Nine of 40 Days of Grace – Finding Beauty in Winter: Unexpected Gifts

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Day 9 – Even snow in the gray of winter can be like a gift when it falls on the evergreens like icing on Christmas cookies, thick and caked. It sparkles, pristine and white. The wind takes it and carves it as though it were dunes of powdered sugar.

My husband, Jack, and I decided to traipse through the piles and drifts that will likely melt away in a couple of days. We climbed to the top of the hill at the end of the sub. As dead as everything looks—bare branches and scrubby grass, the snow gives them beauty as it clings in crystals to each piece and covers the brown grass, brightening everything, especially with the reflection of the sun.


I didn’t have to drive anywhere during or after the blizzard. I was able to watch the thick flakes fall into piles and listen to the wind whistle around the house. There were bunny tracks, but no deer hoof prints left yet. I was so thankful to experience the safety, the quiet, and the warmth. The beauty of the pristine snow, observed from inside or on our walk was one of the last gifts of winter, causing me to ponder how God’s gifts often come when, where, and how we least expect.

What gifts have surprised you lately?

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