Day 11 of 40 Days of Grace – Finding Adventure Just Outside the Door

 In Broken Vessels, Windows to Grace

Day 11 – To say that my husband and I aren’t very adventurous is probably an understatement. Going for a walk on a sunny Saturday before the snow had completely melted sounded like a great idea. I needed the fresh air and exercise. Good thing I wore my hiking boots. To my surprise, Jack wanted to go “off trail.”

He thought it would be fun to see where the creek went out under the road. So though we technically went onto the walking trail we were in deep snow. Ducks flew up from the spring-fed pond, disturbed we interrupted their territory. Ah, but this is where things got a little more adventuresome. Jack was looking for the stream which went under the trail and continued under the road behind our house.


With the branches of the trees and bushes bare, finding it was much easier. Just enough snow and ice had melted to reveal the murky flowing waters. We trudged around the area weaving a trail through the wooded area where usually only mink, rabbits, squirrels, and occasional deer roamed and where I hadn’t ventured before.

The snow in the rising temperature, was soft, with no crusty ice layer on top. A couple of times as I stepped into its depth, I fell and managed to pick myself up while hubby trudged ahead. I felt like a little girl again, as though we were children who had been sent out to play. It was a whole different world and micro-ecosystem I’d been caught up in. Yet if I turned around I could see the homes in the distance. We were still very close to known civilization.

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For those few minutes I had the gift of feeling younger and aware of possibilities and the world around me. Being a kid often meant running and skinning a knee, but you always get up again. Adventures, even small ones, are always around the corner, whether or not you’re looking for them.

Trust the Lord to take you of your beaten path and you never know where He will lead. You just may find an adventure not just for today, but also in faith, which may affect the rest of your life!

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