Day 15 of 40 Days of Grace – What Would it Take for You to Believe Jesus is Risen?

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Day 15 – How often do you get to go to a movie in the middle of the week? It’s not something I often do. Usually movies are saved for date nights or Saturday afternoons. But my husband took the day off and we decided to catch the last matinee showing of Risen for the day.

No spoilers here. But I will say it was a powerful film with an equally powerful message. How would it seem for a Roman tribune to deal with stories of the resurrection of the Christ and be given the task of finding the body? Like opening the doors and windows to fresh spring air, the viewer is given a new perspective—through the eyes of the ancient Roman. The settings and props looked so realistic and the dialogue seemed genuine.

While no one can truly accurately portray the risen Yeshua, it is another thing to see the disciples’ joy portrayed when they realize He has truly risen from the dead. Whenever I see movies about Jesus I think of the wonder of what it would be like to witness his touching the lepers and healing them, opening the eyes of a blind man, causing someone to arise from a sick bed and walk, or free the oppressed from demonic power. Every time I hear or read the conversation between Jesus and Peter as the Lord asks him, “Do you love me?” As He asked Peter not once, but three times, though our language doesn’t do it justice, I always feel myself in Peter’s shoes and think, Lord do I love you enough?

And I’m learning that it isn’t about me or my lack of perfect love for Him. My Lord has perfect love for me. No matter how undeserved, He loves me so completely, in a covenant way. It is all about Jesus!

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