Day 19 of 40 Days of Grace – What do Bunny Tails and Grace Have in Common?

 In Broken Vessels, Windows to Grace

Day 19 – Bunny tails! That’s what struck me as I went for a walk through the neighborhood and the field at the end of the subdivision. And dead skunks! Please let me explain. Dusk was nearing and as I walked through the field, filled with tall, dry grass I smelled the faintest whiff of skunk, as though it had passed that way the day before. Hmm . . .

When I rounded the corner of the fence on one side of the field, I saw, and smelled a skunk laying on its side. So peaceful as though it decided it had found the perfect place to nap. I walked past and a couple of feet away from the dead animal. I’m not sure what had been oozing from its side and didn’t care to get too close. Well, that put a pall on the next part of my walk as I wondered what had happened to the skunk. Had it been sick? Or was it killed? And by what?


Skunk skull.

Once I strolled back into the neighborhood, perplexed, I was anxious to get home and wondered what else I might find. Then I saw it—a bunny stood stock still by an evergreen tree, waiting for me to pass. As quickly as I’d spied it, the little furry creature turned and hopped away, its little white cottontail bouncing along behind. This one wasn’t much more than a baby and life filled it with energy and instinct, the smarts to get away and hide. And of course, the Lord had put those instincts in that precious little bunny.

I felt a surge of joy and childlike wonder, stirred by the newness of life which comes with spring. From death to life. Isn’t that what God’s grace is about? (Tweet this.)  Jesus died on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins so that we may have not just new, but eternal life. What about you? Have you experienced that kind of grace yet in your life?

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