Day 23 of 40 Days of Grace – The Least of the Birds

 In Broken Vessels, Windows to Grace

Day 23 – Sometimes as I glance out the kitchen window or the door wall the birds at the bird feeder make me smile. It’s easy to take God’s creation for granted, at least for me it is. When we lived nearer the city, I remember seeing sparrows, the ever-annoying starlings, robins, and the occasional pop of color from the rich red coat of a cardinal or a nasty blue jay.


Since we moved out further and my husband put up his homemade bird feeder, I’ve seen more different kinds of birds than ever before. Jack’s handiwork lacks grace for sure. It’s made from an upside-down empty liter size soda bottle with a tray wired underneath to hold the birdseed that we deposit through a slit in the side. It hangs on a tall, thick PVC pipe anchored in the ground. The birds don’t care that it’s not pretty to look at. Every time Jack or I go out to refill it, they titter with joy. Almost as soon as we evacuate the area they fly to receive it’s abundance, wings flapping and beaks pecking.


While I claim a lack of bird expertise, my husband has taught me to spot several different kinds. In addition to the above-mentioned birds, I’ve seen house finches, nuthatches, chipping sparrows, gold finches, and I’m sure there are a few I’m forgetting. I’ve even glimpsed a bluebird once or twice since moving here, a rare treat! A rainbow of feathers awaits our observation almost every day.

We’ve even had a mama duck make her nest in our front bushes and let’s not forget the exotic sand hill cranes that look nearly like muted brown flamingos. They don’t come around the bird feeder, but they’re fun to watch as they gracefully walk through the neighborhood.


Yet Jesus mentions how His Father cares for the sparrows—one of the smallest, most plain of the bird species. Their unassuming plumage can’t match that of the peacock or flamingo’s, yet Jesus didn’t mention those showy birds. Sure, the Lord watches over them as well, but it was the little taupe sparrow He mentioned that couldn’t fall to the ground without His knowing.

There’s such grace in that statement. Those we notice least are the ones whom God sees. And it’s a privilege to be a tiny part of His care for the sparrows, and any other birds He sends our way.

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