Day 24 of 40 Days of Grace – Seeing Jesus in Others

 In Broken Vessels, Windows to Grace

(Though my readers aren’t clamoring for yet another post, I do apologize for not posting Day 24 yesterday. Hope you will be just as blessed waiting another day.)

Day 24 – There are times when I’m out walking whether alone or with my husband that I just have tunnel vision. Looking around I’m oblivious to the beauty of nature. Instead I’m living inside my head, worrying about the next thing on my plate. Ugh!

Today I didn’t even feel like walking. This morning only seemed to promise a cold, gray day like winter was hanging on, waiting for its grasp to be peeled away, to make way for spring. But the sun brightened and warmed things considerably. The temperature had moved up, though it was still a coat-wearing type of day.

Jack prodded me out of my chair and away from the computer screen. “Let’s just get a little fresh air, some sun on our faces.” I finally consented as I trudged, sniffling from a head cold, toward the door. My husband has a habit of pointing out the ordinary and making it seem amazing. A cooper’s hawk glided above the trees, the sun glinting silver off its wings. The majestic bird landed in a tree and perched, surveying its territory. Next he pointed out the buds on a flowering pear. Oh yeah, now I remember what buds look like! Then he showed me four robins gathered not far from one another. By the time we got back to our house, I actually noticed the budding maple tree in our yard.

From crabby unwillingness to joy in the simple things of nature, Jack had inspired me. Made in the image of God, he touches my life each day, reaching out like Jesus with skin on. I am blessed.

Image above: Coopers Hawk, Michigan {cc} 2008 by Cody Hough

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