Day 25 of 40 Days of Grace – Birthdays and Blessings

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Day 25 – Celebrating my husband’s birthday was a reminder of the grace in life every day. We can’t take the next day for granted, so why do we worry? Conversely, we can look back over all the days we wondered how we got through and know that the Lord was there during all of them. It’s so easy to think we’re depending on our own strength.

Two of our friends visited on his birthday and it was such a blessing. Somehow our lives intersect with other people who accept us as we are despite our imperfections. Only God has the power to bring people together through time and circumstances. (Tweet this.) We are blessed to have this fellowship.


Beautiful homemade cake created by our cousin, Betsi Kolden. It’s much prettier than the one I made for Jack’s birthday!

And then there’s the abundance. Our table is laden with more than we can eat. We get to taste many delicious foods and don’t have a second thought that this is a gift, like each day and moment that we live. Undeserved, because it’s at the hand of God’s grace. It’s almost too much to ponder, but when I do, I see the endless blessings to be thankful for rather than the things I still want.

We know there are only two things that last eternally—God’s word and people. The truths of His word tie us together in fellowship with those who will be our friends forever. What a gift!

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