Day 26 of 40 Days of Grace – Just Another Turkey Day

 In Broken Vessels, Windows to Grace

Day 26 – There are so many days I’ve walked in the field at the end of the sub and prayed to see a deer ever since I heard they were spotted there. The most evidence I’ve seen of them are their footprints in the soft snow by the side of the house.

Yesterday I saw what looked like a family of geese in the field, until I got closer. I was thinking what huge geese, but they turned out to be wild turkeys—six of them! I enjoyed taking pictures as one of the males ruffled his feathers trying to scare me away. As I looped back around they ran away. I probably scared them away altogether.


Spotting wildlife I don’t see everyday in the neighborhood lifted my spirits and made me feel special. The Lord allowed me to see a piece of His creation that I’d never seen up close and personal before. It was another bit of grace, another gift to bring joy, and evidence of His love to cause me to grow closer to Him in praise. Thank you, Lord!

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