Day 28 of 40 Days of Joy – When the Heart Hears

 In Broken Vessels, Windows to Grace

Day 28 – I’m on the way to an appointment with my husband. He was driving with his phone on his shoulder, listening to the Bible readings for the day from our church. Sometimes it’s nice to hear it aloud. I think the readings were from II Samuel or Kings and Psalms, as well as II Thessalonians.

I was half listening. Unfortunately my mind kept wandering, but a couple of well-loved verses stole my attention back. The one was seek me and you shall find me the other was about being hidden in the shadow of His wings. These are my paraphrases of course.


 Whenever I read or hear verses like that they bring me comfort. Am I having the kind of day where the Lord is farther away? Then I’m reminded He is there, I just need to look for Him. He’s not hidden from those who desperately want to know Him. Am I feeling insecure, exposed? Then I know that He is covering me in the shadow of His wings, like a mother bird brooding over her chicks.

It’s just that simple. God’s word is eternal, living, breathing hope to us every day. How has God’s word encouraged you this week? Today?

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