Day 30 of 40 Days of Grace – What if the Sky Wasn’t Blue?

 In Broken Vessels, Windows to Grace

Day 30 – I am not afraid to share that I believe God’s word is true. It’s history—His story. Years ago I read an adaptation of the stories of Genesis, written by Ruth Beechick. It read much like a novel and concurred with creationist science theory that it hadn’t rained until the time of the flood. Because of that the world was a protected tropical paradise of sorts and people were safe from the aging effects of the sun. And the sky was a warm orangey pink all day, not just at sunset or sunrise.

One of the things which struck me was the mention of how Noah’s family, when they got off the ark were shocked by the starkness of the blue sky. To them it seemed cold and austere. The beauty was lost on them.


When I was out walking the other day I saw the splendor of a blue sky, with barely a trace of cloud. Deep azure, bluer than any robin’s egg, it contrasted with the endless days of gray skies during a Michigan winter. I could barely imagine a constant pink sky. I love pink, but it just didn’t seem like a color I would want hanging over me all day, every day. Yet to Noah and his contemporaries it might have been warmer and more comforting that we would ever think.


How could we live without having a blue sky? At least some days. A clear sky makes me want to soar with joy, thinking of the endless possibilities before me. Yet, it’s seldom I feel happy about a gray sky, its cloudy shroud hiding the majority of the sun’s rays. I’m just glad I have the gift of a blue sky on some days. I wonder if the ancient survivors of the flood ever saw the beauty of it. Did they miss it all? And what beauty in my life am I missing today?

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