Day 31 of 40 Days of Grace – Seeing Behind the Scenes

 In Broken Vessels, Windows to Grace

Day 31 – Today I had an unexpected blessing. Nearly a year ago I met a lady at the ophthalmologist’s office. I think we both were reading and began talking about the books in our hands. She told me about a book club in her condo development and I jumped at the opportunity to share about my book coming out this month. I wrote her information down, even tucked it away, thinking I should try to get a hold of her, but recently couldn’t find it. I told the Lord I would trust His will would be done in this situation.


The phone rang and though I didn’t recognize the number on the caller ID I answered it. The woman, Doris (not her real name), introduced herself and asked if I remembered meeting her at Dr. Carter’s (also not his real name) office last year. I told her I did and we chatted about her book club. I was elated to find out she had remembered our conversation, that she and the other ladies wanted to read Rumors and Promises, and even have me come and talk with them at some point. I told her while I was no Karen Kingsbury, if they didn’t mind that I wasn’t famous, I would be happy to visit their group.


For me, this was such a lovely surprise and I thanked her for remembering me and taking the time to ask about not only my book, but another one I’d recommended.

God’s providence was evident in this. While people may forget, He never does and is instrumental in so many good things. His work may seem behind the scenes to us, but what grace and blessing when we get a glimpse of His work in our lives.

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