Day 32 of 40 Days of Grace – Lessons From My Abba

 In Broken Vessels, Windows to Grace

Day 32 – When my youngest was probably five or six we were listening to a Christian radio station one morning as a man was singing about God’s righteousness and my son stopped eating his pancake to look up at me and asked, “Who’s right Joe Smith?” It took me a minute to understand what he was asking, but it made sense when I realized what he was hearing. Kids can take the unfamiliar and get something totally different out of it than we see on the surface.

I remember the joy of my oldest son’s first baby smile and the connection I felt with him. It was love at first sight! And of course I was sure this bald little creature with the button nose was the most beautiful baby I’d ever seen.


My middle and youngest children would often pile on my bed first thing in the morning when they got a little bigger. My heart melted when their sleepy or joyful faces, depending on the morning, greeted me and pulled me into the adventures of the new day.

Then they grew up and all moved away. At times we’ve gone years without seeing one or more of our adult children. And I treasure each phone call or card, Skype conversation or visit. A piece of me goes with them. each time they leave or say “good-bye.”

I’ve gotten so that I start to pray as soon as the worries begin rather than let myself get carried away by them. I can’t take chicken soup across country when they’re sick or be right there if they have an emergency, but I know Someone who can and will care for them better than I ever could. God loves them enough to create them and give up His only Son for them. I think He must love them more than I do.

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With children comes many blessings, love, and heartache. The grace to handle it is only available with His help. Of course, there’s also a window into how He must feel when we start our conversations with Him, whether we say, “Dear Heavenly Father” or “Abba” and wish we could climb on His lap. He delights in our relationship with Him, just as we delight in relationship with our children. And He must feel hurt when we don’t have time for Him, just as we miss our children at times.

Yet, as mere humans, our kids are made to grow up and leave us, beginning their own households. God is happy when we have that childlike attitude no matter how old we are spiritually, running to Him with open arms and looking to Him for daily grace.

 So you have not received a spirit that makes you fearful slaves. Instead, you received God’s Spirit when he adopted you as his own children. Now we call him, “Abba, Father.” (Romans 8:15, NLT)

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