Day 35 of 40 Days of Grace – How to Find Grace for the Roads Less Traveled

Day 35 – You can imagine my disappointment when the store manager at Barnes and Noble told me that due to budget cuts they couldn’t hire me after all. After two interviews going well, I was [...]


Day 34 of 40 Days of Grace – How I Learned to See Grace in a Flower

Day 34 – This morning I trudged downstairs to find a vase full of wilted tulips. Many of the petals drooped. Some had fallen off during the night. The vibrant salmon pink color had drained [...]


Day 33 of 40 Days of Grace – How I Found the Good Side of Melancholy

Day 33 – Depression is a delicate subject for believers, but there are grieving hearts, naturally sad people, and a combination of both in every pew. We smile and pretend everything is all [...]

Chatting with Jodie Wolfe About her Debut Novella, Hearts Tightly Knit

  I am so excited to have my dear friend, fellow author, Jodie Wolfe as a guest     this week to share about her debut novella, Hearts Tightly Knit. We are both represented by Linda S. Glaz of [...]