Day 35 of 40 Days of Grace – How to Find Grace for the Roads Less Traveled

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Day 35 – You can imagine my disappointment when the store manager at Barnes and Noble told me that due to budget cuts they couldn’t hire me after all. After two interviews going well, I was excited about the prospect of becoming a bookseller. The thought of spending time inhaling the intoxicating scents of paper and ink, absorbing creativity as I would have been around all those wonderful books, was a pleasant thought indeed. Well, at least for a writer and I’m sure some readers, there isn’t a better place to be.

But when God closes a door, as they say, He opens a window—at least temporarily. A few months ago I felt led to go on a mission trip, but the way things had gone financially this past year, I was going to have to go on faith. Raising funds is humbling. I felt guilty asking for money from my friends, but God is no man’s debtor. After I sent out my letters, almost every day as I opened the mailbox, it was like Christmas. The outpouring of love, generosity, and prayer from God’s people overwhelmed me.


When all was said and done, I still needed to raise money for half the cost of my airfare. I was thinking we’d squeak by, but then I started to worry—never a good thing. I knew my husband was feeling burdened financially this year, so I wrote down my prayers for God’s provision. Within 24 hours I had a call to go back for a second interview at the bookstore and a call to temp at a dentist’s office. And I hadn’t been called for that for quite a long time.

While eventually the bookstore position came to naught, I have had the privilege of working in an office where I’m truly needed and affirmed. One of the employees is out, because of a family tragedy. The dentist had a great sense of humor and cares about his patients and employees. The assistant who is training me is very kind and glad to have me there. Even if it’s only temporary, the job has been a blessing and more than covers my need for travel funds.

The position is stretching me in energy and faith, yet God’s grace is sufficient for me. I’m greatly encouraged by His provision and putting me in an uplifting environment for this short time. I’m praying this time as a dental assistant will toughen me up for my travels abroad, strengthening my faith and courage, as well as physical strength. I have so much to be thankful for and trust that the Lord continues to work out the details.

. . . Work hard to show the results of your salvation, obeying God with deep reverence and fear. For God is working in you giving you the desire and power to do what pleases Him. (Phil. 2:12-13, NLT)

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