Meet the Heroine from Secrets and Wishes, my Upcoming Release!

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I’m doing something a little different this week on the blog. I’d like you to meet the leading lady from my upcoming novel:

Amy Adams by gdcgraphics, 2012 (CC)

The release of Secrets and Wishes, the sequel to Rumors and Promises, is coming up a little more quickly than I can believe! The tentative release date is October 2, just a little over two months in the future. For those of you who read my first novel, you may or may not remember one of the secondary characters, who was Reverend Ian McCormick’s sister and housekeeper. As I wrote Rumors and Promises I became rather attached to her and thought she should have her own story.

A redhead with gumption, Maggie Galloway is a widow in her early thirties with a young son, Philip. I had fun writing the conversations between her and her brother, the way the siblings teased each other in my first novel. And of course, Maggie being the older sister, thinks she knows what was best for Ian. Usually, she is right!

Once Ian married Sophie Bidershem, Maggie thought it would be best to not stay at the parsonage with them any longer. Her story begins as she is renting the cottage on Apple Blossom Estate and living near her close friend, Gloria.

Maggie isn’t sure whether she wants to stay in Stone Creek or open a bakery in her hometown. Yes, Maggie loves to bake for others and is known around town for her delicious cookies. Meeting the new pharmacist in town when their sons get into a fist fight sets her on a little different path. And when a beau from her past shows up to present her with a second-place pin for the Silver Leaf Flour Company baking contest and offers her a job in their test kitchens, Maggie is caught off guard. She’s faced with plenty of decisions for her future and Philip’s, not the least of which is which man deserves to win her heart.

This reminds me of the porch swing at Apple Blossom Cottage! John Connell, 2005, (CC)

I’ve described Maggie as being quite a bit shorter than her four years younger brother, Ian, whom she likes to refer to as “little brother.” While he has dark hair, she has been blessed with beautiful auburn hair, but the one thing they have in common is their eyes. Maggie’s aren’t quite as dark as her brother’s, but they both have those deep lake blue eyes. When sending cover suggestions to my publisher they asked for a picture of an actress I thought might look like my heroine. While she’s not exactly the Maggie made up in my mind, I chose Amy Adams. Her eyes are a lighter color than Maggie’s, but I thought her face has a sweet quality about it, not looking overly made up. What do you think? Who would you picture as Maggie?

I hope you will join Maggie on the porch swing for a glass of cold lemonade this October and read Secrets and Wishes. There will be more in the coming weeks about the hero and the male antagonist.




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  • Janet Grunst

    Nice introduction and tease, Kathy, to Secrets and Wishes. I’m looking forward to reading it and getting reacquainted with some of the characters from Rumors and Promises. Amy Adams looks like a great choice.


    Thank you, Janet. I truly hope you’ll enjoy Secrets and Wishes. I appreciate your
    stopping by and leaving a comment. Glad you enjoyed my character reveal
    of Maggie too.

  • Barbara Robinson

    Can’t wait for the upcoming story of Maggie. Loved Rumors and Promises! Very talented writer!


      Hi, Barbara! Thank you so much for stopping by. And thank you for
      your very kind and complimentary words. So happy to learn you
      loved Rumors and Promises and I hope you will enjoy Secrets and
      Wishes just as much. It’s wonderful to hear from a reader like
      you. It means so much to me. <3

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