Jodie Wolfe, Telling Stories Where Hope and Quirky Meet

I met author Jodie Wolfe several years ago at the ACFW Conference in Indianapolis. Her joyful smile and warmth drew me to her right away. I knew I’d found a friend and dear fellow author at [...]


Monday Midnight Madness Giveaways

Technically it’s now Tuesday morning since it’s just past midnight as I’m writing this, but I thought it was time for some fun and it’s still Monday night to me. I’m [...]


Donn Taylor: Combining Wit and Wisdom in His Mystery Series

I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting Donn Taylor in person but he is a fellow client of Linda S. Glaz and also a fellow LPC author. I’ve enjoyed Donn’s wit and ahem, may I say, [...]


How Jane Jenkins Herlong Flip-Flops Mess-ups Into Humor!

Jane Jenkins Herlong is a fellow Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas author and an Amazon bestselling author, in addition! After I read her hope-filled biography I really looked forward to [...]


Better Than Ever Before: Karen Wingate’s Story Behind the Story

Though I haven’t met Karen Wingate in person I’ve been blessed by our online acquaintance.  She is also a client of our mutual agent, Linda S. Glaz of the Hartline Literary Agency. [...]


Which Man Deserves to Win Maggie’s Heart?

Who are the Men in Maggie’s Life? The last thing Maggie Galloway was looking for when Thomas Harper moved to town was romance! But it’s quite difficult to avoid meeting a man when your son and [...]


Cover Reveal for Secrets and Wishes!

What’s the fuss all about? Secrets and Wishes, the sequel to Rumors and Promises, has a beautiful new cover featuring heroine, Maggie Galloway, and hero, Thomas Harper. Secrets and [...]


How Sandra Merville Hart Finds God’s Guidance for Her Writing Every Day

  Sandra Merville Hart, finalist in the Inspirational Reader’s Choice Award Contest for her book, A Stranger on My Land, is a history buff and fellow LPC Books author. She writes a popular [...]

Meet Debra Webb Rogers, Multifaceted and Multi-published Author!

I “met” Debra Webb Rogers online through the client group of Linda S. Glaz, our wonderful agent. I was so intrigued to read about Debra’s background in ballet and that she [...]

How Author Colleen Scott Promotes the Value of Life Through her Novels

I’m pleased to introduce author, Colleen Scott, to my readers this week. She is a fellow client of our agent, Linda S. Glaz and writer of contemporary Christian romantic suspense. [...]